Emre Ertan


You cannot always be motivated but you can be disciplined. Mike Horn
Go to Deputy Chief Constable

Deputy Chief Constable

Head of Corporate Services : Human Ressources, Psychological Service, Legal, Finance, Logistics and Infrastructure, Communication and Prevention, IT, Training and Education, Police Training College

Director – Regional police academy

Mandated by the 3 governments of Fribourg, Jura et Neuchâtel to set up a cross-regional police training center. Supervise activities of both actual colleges in Granges-Paccot/FR and Colombier/NE. Direct workgroups overlooking HR, Legal, Finance, Communication, Equipement & Logistics, Basic training and further Education, Administration.

Go to Course Director

Course Director

Course Director for examiners to the Swiss police federal certification.

Go to Commander – Regional Police Academy

Commander – Regional Police Academy

Organise, coordinate, direct, administer and represent the school. Cadets are from the Neuchâtel and Jura Cantons and follow a one year program before being presented to the final exams.

Head of Training and Education

In charge of a police training centre. Plan, organise, coordinate and administer the entire training and educational needs of the police force, including crowd control. Member of the board.

Forensic scientist

Activities included: court reporting, technical and scientific investigation on all crime scenes, specialized in fire investigation

Go to Lecturer – Expert witness

Lecturer – Expert witness

Specialized in fire investigation and fire debris analysis as well as Crime Scene Investigation.

Go to Captain


Safety Section of the Military Police


Some of the projects I've worked on

Swiss Police Identification Card


Introducing Electronic Planification and Time management for the entire police force

Regional Police Academy

Setting up a police school for the 3 cantons of Jura, Fribourg and Neuchâtel


Training an Arson dog and investigating over 300 fire scenes


Setting up a Laboratory Information Management System for a police forensic unit

Fire Investigation Equipment

Providing fire investigation and safety equipment for the forensic unit